Trip to Mongolia

In 2010, right after finishing my army service I wanted to go traveling. When my acquaintance heard about it, she told me she is planning to go for a trip in Mongolia, and suggested I join her. After reading a bit about the country, its nomadic people and its vast empty landscapes, I got excited, and said yes.

So on a cloudy morning of July 12th I arrived in Ulaanbaatar, and for the next month we traveled in a place unlike any other. Little did I know that my journey won’t stop in Mongolia, but will take me to Buryatia, Oxanna’s homeland, and would end up… in a marriage 🙂

Destination Arrival
1 Arriving in Ulan-bator, Mongolia 25/07/2010
2 Ulan-bator immersion, Mongolia 26/07/2010
3 Swimming through Ulan-bator streets, Mongolia 27/07/2010
4 Tsetserleg, Mongolia 28/07/2010
5 Trip to the White Lake, Mongolia 29/07/2010
6 Horse ride to the Khorgo volcano, Mongolia 30/07/2010
7 Into the steppes, Mongolia 03/08/2010
8 Leaving the Steppes, Mongolia 05/08/2010

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