Travel in Mongolia

Are you planning a trip to Mongolia? Whatever it is that ignites your imagination – whether its the endless steppes of Arkhangai, the nomads traveling with their herds and their yurts in constant search of better grasslands, the Gobi desert and its wild camels, or reindeer herders of lake Khovsgul, you’ll find that reality surpasses any fantasy.

In 2010, right after finishing my army service, I wanted to take a few months to travel. Then my acquaintance told me she is planning a trip in Mongolia, and suggested I join her. After reading a bit about the country, its nomadic people and its vast empty landscapes, I got excited, and said yes.

So on a cloudy morning of July 12th, 2010, I arrived in Ulaanbaatar, and for the next month I traveled in a place unlike any other. Little did I know that my journey won’t stop in Mongolia, but will take me to Buryatia, Oxanna’s homeland, and would end up… in a marriage 🙂

Welcome to Mongolia, a land that may possibly change your life, as it changed mine.

Mongolia – 2 Days To Go

Sitting amidst half-filled luggage, with my desk covered with passport photocopies and ticket printouts, it's two days till my departure ...
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Seoul Airport

Day 0 After a 10-hour flight from Tel-Aviv to Seoul, I arrived at the Incheon airport at 17:00 local time ...
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Arriving in Ulaanbaator

Day 1 Most airports would look unimpressive after Seoul's Incheon airport, and the small and lacking in comfort Genghis Khan ...
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Ulaanbaator Immersion

Day 2 We started the day by visiting the Gandan Khiid - the largest Buddhist monastery in Mongolia, and the ...
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Swimming through UB streets

After the night's rain, UB's streets became a mess. No wonders Mongolians with means buy SUV's, the most popular being ...
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Culinary Trip Summary

I'm back. After two and a half months of deserts and skyscrapers, camels and Russian minivans, ice-cold lakes and kettle-boiled ...
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The Nicest Town in Mongolia

Day 6 Catching an early bus from Ulaanbaator, I was glad to leave the city behind. Starting a week-long tour ...
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So You Thought You Might Like to Go to a Lake

Day 7 At 09:00 we were picked up by our driver, and headed north-east to the White Lake. A 185km ...
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Mongolian Summer is a Harsh Mistress

Day 8 The night in the tent was long and cold. Without a mat to put under the sleeping bag ...
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Into the Uncharted Steppes

Day 9 After a wonderfully warm and comfortable night in the ger, the morning brought with it a delicious breakfast ...
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