Georgia and Armenia

In late May 2013 we set out to visit Georgia and Armenia. Searching for a destination, we were finding airfare to Asia too expensive and Europe just too familiar. And one day Oxanna said “what about Georgia?” Tucked between Caspian and the Black sea, a middle way between Asia and Europe with cheap flights from Tel-Aviv, it seemed perfect. But it’s neighboring Armenia, just 6 hour drive from Tbilisi seemed accessible and interesting too. So instead of choosing, we decided to see both.

Gamarjoba Georgia, barev dzez Armenia!

You can click on markers on the map or visit links in the following list of places we went to

Destination Arrival
1 Tbilisi, Georgia 24/05/2013
2 Kazbegi, Georgia 27/05/2013
3 Climbing up to the Gergeti glacier, Georgia 28/05/2013
4 Trek in the Sno valley, Georgia 29/05/2013
5 Dariali gorge, Georgia 30/05/2013

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