The Grim Truth About Living in Latin America

Life in Latin America is easy, if you are an expat. The people are nice and friendly, the culture is rich and vibrant and living is usually cheap and with higher standards than those you are used to. But there are also grim sides to the Latin American story, that no one is talking about. Well it’s time someone broke the silence and told the truth.

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5 Things I Want To Say To My Future Child

What do you believe in? There is never a more crucial time to understand this than when you think about your future child.

Bellow layers of disjointed opinions, personal life lessons and amusing anecdotes, realizing what is your life philosophy is crucial if you are to have kids. If you are honest with yourself, you’ll strive to raise your child with this philosophy in mind. Philosophy he will chew on, wrestle with and undoubtedly discard. But not before being affected by it.

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past, present and future man

3 Ways To Live Your Life – Which One Is Yours?

When was the last time you had a vision? Mine occurred when I was on a plane, watching the clouds drift below me.

A Boeing 747 is making its way through the evening skies thirty thousand feet above the ground, and I see three men.  Too busy with their lives they can’t see me, but I see them. I feel I know them, we are long-time friends. One is clearly a man of the past, the second of the present. Now the third one – he is a mystery.  I want to get to know him better. Continue reading “3 Ways To Live Your Life – Which One Is Yours?”

look inside

Where Does Lasting Change Come From?

My friend has just finished an army service. After serving for several years, she is getting discharged, and starting a new phase in her life. When toasting her, I mentioned something about taking the time “to look inside” and not to rush to a new venture too soon. Since noisy Russian night-club isn’t the best place to have this kind of conversations, I thought of taking it here. Continue reading “Where Does Lasting Change Come From?”