Choose Your Anxiety

Choose Your Anxiety

“Isn’t being a decent human being enough?” a friend asked me, in one of those summer evenings when the day’s heat has given away to a nice chill. We were talking about a woman who went through a serious postnatal depression, and eventually turned her life around, starting performing an autobiographical play to raise awareness among women. I was arguing that her life is now filled with a sense of meaning and purpose that most of us never achieve. Continue reading “Choose Your Anxiety”

Getting Friendly with Stress

I come home from work, but I can’t quite let go – my thoughts are still preoccupied with the day’s conversations and thoughts playing in a loop. In the shower I barely notice the rush of cold water over my body – I’m too busy configuring what I should have said in some situation. Sitting to eat, I barely notice the taste of food. Talking with my wife, my mind is elsewhere, and I’m  emotionally unavailable for her. Continue reading “Getting Friendly with Stress”

Dependence, Independence and Beyond: 2 Ways To Get Stuck in Life and How to Unstuck

“I have never felt so free” a friend told me recently. He went on to describe how liberating it was for him to live by himself, without obligations, debts or commitments to others. In his early 30’s, with parents distanced from his life, with no concrete obligations to his long-time partner, with fulfilling work where he is in his element, he basically proclaimed his independence. And that made me think. Continue reading “Dependence, Independence and Beyond: 2 Ways To Get Stuck in Life and How to Unstuck”

emotional generosity deficit

Are We Suffering From Generosity Deficit?

Have you ever made something creative, something you put your soul into, only to get cold indifference from your friends? Have you ever shared something very personal and significant, only to receive deafening silence? Have you ever ventured into something new, maybe recklessly, but courageously, only to receive trivial advice, instead of the much needed emotional support and understanding? Continue reading “Are We Suffering From Generosity Deficit?”

look inside

Where Does Lasting Change Come From?

My friend has just finished an army service. After serving for several years, she is getting discharged, and starting a new phase in her life. When toasting her, I mentioned something about taking the time “to look inside” and not to rush to a new venture too soon. Since noisy Russian night-club isn’t the best place to have this kind of conversations, I thought of taking it here. Continue reading “Where Does Lasting Change Come From?”

Sisyphus struggle

The Transforming Power of Struggle

I grew up as a somewhat reserved, but generally happy child. My parents have enabled me to develop empathy through their love and warmth, conscience through their personal example. School was adequately challenging, but never too difficult. The choice of university was natural due to our residence in Haifa, the choice of faculty obvious due to the comfortable employment prospects it offered in the future. Being fortunate to never experience any serious hardships, I have lived along a straight path of obvious choices and easy answers. Continue reading “The Transforming Power of Struggle”