Dependence, Independence and Beyond: 2 Ways To Get Stuck in Life and How to Unstuck

“I have never felt so free” a friend told me recently. He went on to describe how liberating it was for him to live by himself, without obligations, debts or commitments to others. In his early 30’s, with parents distanced from his life, with no concrete obligations to his long-time partner, with fulfilling work where he is in his element, he basically proclaimed his independence. And that made me think. Continue reading “Dependence, Independence and Beyond: 2 Ways To Get Stuck in Life and How to Unstuck”

emotional generosity deficit

Are We Suffering From Generosity Deficit?

Have you ever made something creative, something you put your soul into, only to get cold indifference from your friends? Have you ever shared something very personal and significant, only to receive deafening silence? Have you ever ventured into something new, maybe recklessly, but courageously, only to receive trivial advice, instead of the much needed emotional support and understanding? Continue reading “Are We Suffering From Generosity Deficit?”

Can We Express Empathy in 160 Chars?

We live in a fast age. Fast computers, fast cars, fast food, short videos, micro blogging. And the same goes to they way we communicate online: we chat,  tweet, sms, comment, like, share. As long as it has immediate gratification, momentary feedback and fast propagation, we love it. And these are great tools, without a doubt. Never before we had access to so much information and opinions, connectivity to people so far away. But there is something we are losing in this race. We gain in scope but lose in depth, achieve reach but miss out intimacy, gain in novelty but lose in permanence. One of the things I especially miss in our online experience is the ability to have a real and meaningful conversation. Continue reading “Can We Express Empathy in 160 Chars?”