past, present and future man

3 Ways To Live Your Life – Which One Is Yours?

When was the last time you had a vision? Mine occurred when I was on a plane, watching the clouds drift below me.

A Boeing 747 is making its way through the evening skies thirty thousand feet above the ground, and I see three men.  Too busy with their lives they can’t see me, but I see them. I feel I know them, we are long-time friends. One is clearly a man of the past, the second of the present. Now the third one – he is a mystery.  I want to get to know him better. Continue reading “3 Ways To Live Your Life – Which One Is Yours?”

On The Humanness Of Criminals

Last Saturday me and a bunch of friends went hiking. We were met by a hot weather, small current of water, slippery rocks and lots of arid vegetation – in other words, a typical Israeli landscape. After a five hour walk, and a short trip by a car, hungry and tired we arrived at a beer brewery in Katzrin. As we were waiting for our beer tastings, an interesting conversation began to develop. Continue reading “On The Humanness Of Criminals”

The Spiral of Personal Beliefs

The Spiral of Personal Beliefs

Have you noticed how personal believes and values change over time? My attitude to life today differs from that ten years ago. Formation and evolution of beliefs differ from one individual to another, as they are affected by temperament and cultural environment. But it seams that there are also certain universal traits in work here.

Looking back at how my own beliefs have changed over time, I am tempted to think that this is more than just my personal journey. Continue reading “The Spiral of Personal Beliefs”