ShopJet Goes Live with our First Client


Good news everybody, we are on the intrawebs, and it feels good 🙂

LiveSale is an online consumer-electronics retail store, based in Nazareth Illit. While not especially large, thanks to their convenient prices and good reputation, they enjoy top places in Zap price-comparison engine. Embedding our content on their product pages allows LiveSale to make their pages friendlier and more informative for their visitors. Continue reading “ShopJet Goes Live with our First Client”

The Story of ShopJet So Far

A friend of a friend told me about Startup Weekend a couple of days before the event. The same evening the tickets were sold out and I was out of luck. But instead of giving up on the whole thing, I did something else: I contacted the organizers and asked whether there are any tickets left. The answer was no, but I entered the waiting list. Next morning I got a message that someone canceled his participation, and I got the last ticket to the event. It was already worth the 175 shekel I paid: I learned a lesson in persistence. Continue reading “The Story of ShopJet So Far”