Great news: our team is Startup Weekend’s runner-up

How’s that for an irony: my idea, that I declared dead just a week ago, was the inspiration for ShopJet – a concept our team has developed into functional demo, which awarded us with the 2nd place in Startup Weekend – a startup competition, I nearly missed.

StartupWeekend is a global initiative, which was done in Israel for the first time. The idea is to bring entrepreneurs together, organize them into teams, let them choose a promising idea, and lock them up for 2.5 days to come up with a working demo. The best products were voted for by a panel of judges, which consisted from VC’s and representatives from Google and IBM. Go here for the full coverage of the event.

These were frantic couple of days, and I am exhausted, so I will leave a more detailed report on the event for later.
Cheers 🙂

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