Why Traveling is Accidental and How it’s Similar to Having Children

While traveling for 2 years in Latin America, I remember being asked what is our goal. I could make something up, say, visit all the countries on the continent. But the truth is, there was no goal. You travel because there is something out there that is worth seeing yourself. Because there are people whose life you can’t imagine, unless you meet them. You travel because you are curious. But there is no purpose, there is no inherent meaning attached to it. Continue reading “Why Traveling is Accidental and How it’s Similar to Having Children”

past, present and future man

3 Ways To Live Your Life – Which One Is Yours?

When was the last time you had a vision? Mine occurred when I was on a plane, watching the clouds drift below me.

A Boeing 747 is making its way through the evening skies thirty thousand feet above the ground, and I see three men.  Too busy with their lives they can’t see me, but I see them. I feel I know them, we are long-time friends. One is clearly a man of the past, the second of the present. Now the third one – he is a mystery.  I want to get to know him better. Continue reading “3 Ways To Live Your Life – Which One Is Yours?”

The Significance of Meaning

The Significance of Meaning

People differ in what they strive for in their lives. Some gravitate towards financial security and stability, and work hard to build up their wealth . Others are drawn by achievement and challenge. Many look to fill their lives with pleasure and excitement while few search for their true self. We are usually content to pursue whatever we are predisposed to by our temperament and character. But sooner or later there comes a time in almost every man’s life when one question takes over our mind. The question of meaning. Continue reading “The Significance of Meaning”