Trek in the Sno Valley

The next morning we paired up with a Polish couple and an Israeli guy to share a car trip to the Sno valley. Incidentally, Polish and Israelis are the most frequently seen travelers in Georgia. Apparently Georgia is being advertised widely by Polish celebrities as a worthy destination. A mutual dislike of Russia possibly plays a role as well.

Setting out from Juta, we planned to follow the Chaukhi stream to it’s source in the Chaukhi mountain, getting as far as time would allow.

Natural flower beds and small ponds were overflowing with insects and frogs.

Gradually, patches of dirty snow that hasn’t yet melted were becoming more frequent. Rain started dripping.

The path that till now ran along the stream has now intersected with it, requiring some dexterity from us.

Stopping for a break and a group photo.

As our time to turn back was coming near, the men made a last push to reach mountain’s volcanic foot, while the ladies stayed back to chat.

Back in Juta, Nazis’s husband was waiting to take us back to Kazbegi.


Next: we explore the Dariali gorge

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