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We have to prepare an ‘elevator pitch’ for MBA class. Let’s say you have an idea, and you need an investor to make it happen. So you go and prepare a small paper which sums up the idea, and explores its business potential.
So, in order to do that, first of all I have to find some idea to base it upon. Which reminded me, that the whole idea of this blog in the first place, was as a ‘meeting place’ for all the lousy ideas I have (should I call it a ‘burial ground’?). So I thought I would list the ideas I still care to remember. Maybe someday I will want to explore further some of them (but wouldn’t it then be grave digging?)
So, here is one such list:

1. Treadmill with a screen attached to it, that shows you some scenery which goes pass you as you run. So it’s some kind of 3D scenery (city streets for example), and it adjusts itself to your current speed. So instead of starring bluntly at MTV videos or neighbors’ sweaty pants, you get to ‘leave the room, and experience realistic sceneries as you run along’.

2. Video bookmarking – firefox plugin that lets you bookmark a video on any web page, and come back to it easily afterwards. So instead of bookmarking pages, you bookmarks videos, hopefully getting rid of all the noise around it.

3. A web resource that mashes music and books (I was always interested in mixing those two formats together). So this site might suggest that you should read Umberto Eko if you like Enigma, or maybe bundle John Coltrane CD’s with Thomas Pynchon novel.

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