2 Common Mistakes in Choosing a Life Partner

Choosing a life  partner isn’t easy, is it? Emotions, expectations, unconscious patterns, memories from previous relationships – an endless choir of voices, telling us what to do, contradicting each other of course. So where can we get the clarity needed to make the right choice concerning our life partner? Let’s discuss two common mistakes, and a simple perspective that might help. Continue reading “2 Common Mistakes in Choosing a Life Partner”

emotional generosity deficit

Are We Suffering From Generosity Deficit?

Have you ever made something creative, something you put your soul into, only to get cold indifference from your friends? Have you ever shared something very personal and significant, only to receive deafening silence? Have you ever ventured into something new, maybe recklessly, but courageously, only to receive trivial advice, instead of the much needed emotional support and understanding? Continue reading “Are We Suffering From Generosity Deficit?”