Read It Later

How many times you wanted to save some article, maybe a youtube video, or just a link that somebody sent you, for later viewing? The most obvious option in such cases was just to save it to bookmarks. But I always felt badly with clogging my bookmarks with one-time-use pages.
This is where ReadItLater add-on for Firefox comes in handy. It integrates nicely in browser and allows you to save tabs for later reading.
Since all the “saved for later” links are kept in bookmarks folder you specify, your reading list is automatically saved, if you use Xmarks, or any other service that backups your bookmarks to the cloud.

ReadItLater obviously tries to become more than just a little Firefox-addon, by offering advanced features such as online syncing, support for mobile devices and even API for developers.

ReadItLater is a good example of how a product can gain a mind-share:

  • by using familiar UI (Firefox UI)
  • by using popular distribution channel (Firefox add-ons)
  • by tapping into enthusiastic community (Firefox users tend to value solutions that boost productivity)

Highly recommended.

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