Play Your Local Music Collection Like Last.FM Radio

If you are like me, you have large music collection, but often have a hard time deciding what to listen to next.
Exactly for this, Last.FM has developed Boffin, a beta program, that brings the intelligence of Last.Fm to your music collection. Boffin scans your music collection and creates a cloud of tags. You can select multiple tags, click play, and the magic happens: Boffin automatically generates play-list based on your vague idea of what you want to listen to. For example, when I marked “Alternative Rock”, “Indie” and “BritPop”, the first song in the play-list was Muse’s Blackout, than it continued to Placebo and Radiohead.
The program is in early beta, so don’t expect too much of it, but the concept is ingenious, and I definitely going to use it.
Last.Fm’s Boffin

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