So, what this is all about?

For more than 6 months now, me and a friend are toying with an idea to start up a startup. It seams we have all it takes to be a hi-tech entrepreneurs wannabes: illusion of talent, lack of experience, and excess of free time. The only problem we face is finding an interesting idea: one that could have some potential, is interesting enough to put the time and effort in it, and is easy enough to implement.
So I thought, why not organize all those half-baked ideas that I have from time to time, into a blog.

Actually the inspiration came from the guy behind TechCrunch, after vewing this 15 minutes video.
In this video he is talking about how startups may increase their chances to appear on TechCrunch (and other big web 2.0 blogs/magazines). One way is to have a blog, and be an active participant in the community.
So I thought, I might as well add to the web noise.

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